Chaperone Policy

Having someone with you when you visit our service.

If you want to have someone to give you moral support during your appointment, you can bring a friend or family member. They will not be able to act as a “chaperone” or as an “interpreter”, and their presence will be in agreement with yourself and the clinician. It is worth remembering the confidentiality associated with your attendance and deciding if you are happy for someone else to be present during the appointment.

A chaperone is a specially trained member of staff who may be present during your appointment to offer additional support and reassurance to yourself and the clinician. A chaperone is offered during any intimate examination, and may be requested at other times by yourself or the clinician. Their presence will be discussed with you first, and your confidentiality, respect and dignity will be maintained.

It is advisable not to bring children to your appointment, but if you have no other option then ideally they need to be supervised.

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