Our service has strict rules about “being here to listen and not to tell”. Confidentiality in sexual health clinics is even covered by law, which is why we also ask younger people some extra questions.

What you tell us is only accessible within our service and your identity is given a special individual number linked to your date of birth. Even those who work on your tests at the laboratory will not know who you are.

Our confidentiality covers everyone who comes to our clinics regardless of age, sex, cultural background or sexual orientation.

Although everyone has the same confidentiality we have a duty to talk to another professional if we are concerned about someone who is at risk of harm from another person or from themselves.

If you are Under 18 we will ask you some extra questions to show we have checked you understand why you have come and what that will involve and that you are not at risk from any harm.

If for any reason we feel we need to talk to a professional, outside of our service, we will ask your permission and it will be discussed with you first.

It is very unusual to do this without someone’s permission.

Please ask one of our staff if want to know more.

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