How to Book

Booking Information

What you need to do about coming to the sexual health services.

If you wish to attend Hope House sexual health service there are various ways depending on your need.

Telephone Triage

The telephone triage system has replaced walk-in clinics and we aim to provide suitable patients with an appointment the day you call or on the next day.

To speak with a triage nurse please call the central booking number between 8:00 and 11:00 am: 0300 421 6500. The services phone system does have a queuing system but unfortunately cannot say where you are in the queue. If you hang up and call back you will start at the end of the queue again.

The receptionist will ask a few questions to check why you wish to be seen and add you to the ‘call back list’ then a qualified nurse will call you back as soon as they are able, depending on how many people are on the list this will vary.

  • The number you will be called back from is a private/withheld number for confidentiality.
  • You will need to answer some personal questions so that the nurse can provide the correct appointment or service for you.
  • You will only be called twice and if we cannot speak to you we will text asking you to call in again.
  • We cannot leave voicemail messages if your name is not used in the welcome message.
  • If your partner or sexual contact also needs to attend please ask them to call to be placed on triage as well

Routine Contraception

We no longer provide routine contraception (pills, implants, coils etc.) to women aged over 25. If you are over 25 this service is provided by your GP or arranged by them for you to attend another practice that can provide it.

If you are under 25 you can now click-in or phone-in to book your appointment for an implant or coil.

There are a small number of appointments that can be booked online for the Cheltenham and Gloucester clinics.

If you wish to have a coil fitted you must read Essential Coil Information before booking.

If you wish to have an Implant fitted you must read Essential Implant Information before booking.

Please click here for online booking.

Our service is confidential and that applies to when you first speak to one of our receptionists.

To book an appointment for contraception or STI testing call our central booking line 0300 421 6500.


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