How to Book

Booking Information

What you need to do about coming to the sexual health services.

From 10 July 2017 we are no longer holding walk in clinics.

You can now click-in or phone-in to book your appointment

This will replace the walk-in clinic to save you time queuing and waiting to be seen.

We no longer have walk in clinics and are now offering a range of appointments for STI testing and contraception by phone and on-line booking for a limited type of appointment. If you are pregnant and unsure what to do you can still ask for an appointment without someone referring you.

When you first contact the service our receptionists will ask a few basic questions about why you want to attend. Please be aware the questions are sensitive and will be treated confidentially. Depending on why you wish to attend (for example if you are under 25 and wanting a contraceptive implant) our receptionist will offer you a routine appointment.

If the receptionist feels unable to offer a routine appointment they will take your details and arrange for the ‘Triage Nurse’ to call you back the same day. The ‘Triage Nurse’ will ask you further questions to find the right appointment or service for your sexual health needs. This may not be an appointment for the same day.

Our service is confidential and that applies to when you first speak to one of our receptionists.

Please be aware that for confidentiality our phone number is a private, withheld number.

To book an appointment for contraception or STI testing call our central booking line 0300 421 6500.