Appointment types

Due to Covid-19 we have introduced a number of new ways of working, including the increased use of technology and virtual consultations to improve patient care. We now provide the following appointment types:

  • Telephone Consultations – Due to Covid-19 we have introduced telephone consultations where appropriate. Depending on your needs you may then be prescribed medication to collect or invited to have either a video consultation or attend clinic in person to see a Doctor or Nurse.
  • Video Consultations – Where appropriate, you can attend your consultation online via a video call. We use a secure web-based platform called ‘Attend Anywhere’ (insert video and ‘patient video consultation quick start guide’). We will send you the link to the online waiting room and we are notified when you arrive so that the doctor or nurse can join you when ready. There is no need to create an account and no information you enter is stored. You have your own private video room that only authorised Doctors and nurses can enter. You will need a good internet connection and a private well-lit area where you will not be disturbed during the consultation. Please note that video consultations that might require an intimate examination are not suitable for under 18s and you will instead be asked to attend a clinic if this is required
  • Digital Images – If you have a remote consultation (telephone or video) the Doctor or Nurse may ask if you feel comfortable sending a photograph to help them in their diagnosis and will only do so when they believe that it is necessary. You do not have to send this if you do not feel comfortable and this is entirely your choice! If you do not feel comfortable doing this then you can still access care and may be invited in to clinic for an examination instead. Images are sent to a secure NHS email account which can only be accessed by Doctors and nurses working in sexual health, and you should not send any image without prior communication with the Doctor or nurse.  They will then upload this to your electronic Sexual Health patient health and care record and the image will be deleted from the email account and the rubbish bin. If you have any questions about digital images then the Dr or nurse can explain more about this. Please note that digital images are not suitable for under 18s and you will instead be asked to attend a clinic if an examination is required. If the doctor or nurse thinks a photograph would be helpful they will talk to you about this and email you with more information about your options including a step by step guide. It is important to read this information and discuss any questions or concerns with the Doctor or nurse prior to sending an image.
  • Face to Face – We are continuing to see patients face to face where required. We do not accept walk ins so please contact the triage number on 0300 421 6500 to speak to a nurse who will assess your needs and book this for you if this is needed. Please note that you may be invited to have a telephone consultation prior to a face to face consultation. If you do attend clinic for a face to face appointment we will follow the latest Government guidelines re Covid-19 and may ask you some questions prior to arrival and ask you to wear a face covering.

Contraception and Sexual Health Clinics

Hope House Sexual Health Services provides sexual health care across the county. It is free and available to anyone who needs it.

Don’t walk in. Phone in.

The Specialist Sexual Health Service now operates a telephone triage system to help ensure people get directed to the right point of care for their needs. If you are over 25 and contacting the service for routine contraception, you may be directed to your GP.

I have no symptoms, but would like to get tested for a Sexually Transmitted Infection

As long as you are over 16 years old and have no symptoms you can now test at home.  A range of tests are available, ‘Dual’ – Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea, ‘Quad’ – Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, HIV and Syphilis, and test kits for men who have sex with men.

For further information on testing at home click here: Request Home Test Kit

If you have symptoms of an STI or you think you may have been exposed to HIV, please call 0300 421 6500 before 11 am from Monday to Friday for an appointment with the Specialist Sexual Health Service.

Where do I go for contraception if I am over 25?

If you are over 25 years old and require routine contraception, the Specialist Service may direct you to your GP. This includes requests for the contraceptive pill, injections, and the fitting and removal of coils and implants. All GP practices have nurses and doctors trained to provide contraception.

If you are seeing your GP for the contraceptive pill, please take your current pill packet with you so they know which brand you are using.

Remember to plan ahead and contact your GP to make an appointment before your prescription is due. If you are using the contraceptive pill, and are unable to get an appointment with your GP, a pharmacy can provide you with a month’s supply to tide you over. Please take a strip of your current pill with you. Please see the NHS website for further information.

If your GP is unable to provide coil or implant fitting, they will refer you to a neighbouring GP practice which provides the service.

Find information on contraception options here. 

I am under 25 and would like a coil or an implant fitted by the sexual health service.

Check our services page to see if an online appointment is available, it is vital that you read the essential information for a coil fit. If there are no online appointments available, call 0300 421 6500 for a routine appointment.

Essential Coil Information

Click here for Online booking

I would like to access emergency contraception

Did you know that you can also have a coil fitted to provide emergency contraception (up to five days after unprotected sex). This will also provide you with on going contraception. If you would like to discuss this option, please call the Sexual Health Service on 0300 421 6500 (before 11 am from Monday to Friday) or contact your GP.

You can read more about the coil and other forms of emergency contraception here.

If you are under the age of 25, you can get emergency hormonal contraception (EHC) (‘the morning after pill’) free from most pharmacies in the county. If you are over the age of 25, depending on your situation, you may need to pay for EHC at the pharmacy. Your pharmacist can advise.

Women of all ages can also get EHC from their GP on prescription. If you are having problems accessing EHC, please call the Sexual Health service on 0300 421 6500 (before 11 am from Monday to Friday).

I am worried about a recent risk of HIV

If you are worried about a risk of HIV in the last 72 hours you may need post-exposure prophylaxis after sexual exposure (PEPSE). Please call 0300 421 6500 between 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday. Outside of these times please attend your local Accident &Emergency.

I am worried about contracting HIV

We now provide PrEP, this stands for Pre Exposure Prophylaxis.

Pre – you take the medicines BEFORE you have sex

Exposure – the risk of catching HIV

Prophylaxis – a way of preventing infection

PrEP is a single pill that contains two drugs. Further information is available here.

When you attend

Please ensure you arrive around 10 minutes before your allotted time to complete your registration. If you are more than 10 minutes late for your appointment you may not be seen. All our clinics are closed on UK Bank Holidays.

handicap-sign-3532532Please note: For anyone requiring assistance with transfers or a wheelchair user requiring a transfer board, please bring someone who could assist in this task.

Gloucester – Hope House

Cheltenham Milsom Street






There is no charge for the treatment of STI’s or contraception from a sexual health clinic.

Most treatments are supplied directly from the clinic at your appointment.  If a prescription needs to be written this will be given to you at the appointment and will be dispensed by the trust’s pharmacy Fairview Health.

Fairview Health Pharmacy

Unit 10, Rockhaven, Triangle Park, Metz Way, Gloucester, GL1 1AJ  Tel: 03300 884 388

Fairview Health pharmacy (opens Google maps)

Opening hours for Patient Access:

  • Monday to Friday 9:00-17:00 Patient Access
  • Saturday 9:00-12:00 Patient Access

Prescriptions can be delivered back to the clinic for collection by arrangement – please discuss at the appointment or contact the pharmacy

Information for under 18s attending ISH Services

Specialist Clinics

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