College FE Clinics

Sexual Health Clinics at Hartpury College and Royal Agricultural University

We provide confidential and non-judgemental sexual sessions, providing access to Contraception and Sexual Health care, including fitting of implants, emergency contraception, condoms, advice about pregnancy, STI testing and treatments.

When you register with a college clinic, for confidentiality you will be given a unique identity code and if you have any tests done we use this ID number and your date of birth on any samples we send to the laboratory.

For sexual services at Hartpury College and the Royal Agricultural University, please call 0300 421 6500 bto book an appointment. 

The clinics are held weekly during term time on Thursdays.

The college nurses can also make referrals to our specialist clinics for more complex sexual health needs, Gay Glos and support for the young transgender.

Come and see us!

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