Psychosexual Medicine

This is a specialist service which provides assessment and treatment for the following sexual difficulties which may be caused by physical and/or psychological factors:

  • Problems with erection
  • Problems with ejaculation (too rapid or delayed)
  • Problems with orgasm (climax)
  • Problems with arousal
  • Problems with low sexual desire
  • Painful intercourse

Currently we don’t provide care for the following:

  • Sexual practices which would be the subject of action under the criminal justice system
  • Sexual addictions and paraphilia.

The clinic is based at Hope House at Gloucester Royal Hospital and is staffed by doctors (1 male, 1 female) and 1 female counsellor.

To access the service you need to be referred by another health care professional such as your GP, sexual health doctor/nurse, or a specialist nurse/doctor from another specialty. After receiving an appropriate referral, we will do our best to arrange an appointment within 8 weeks.

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