Booking information

Patients who need to be seen urgently (within 48 hours) need to be advised to contact the telephone Triage line 0300 421 6500 Monday to Friday between 8am and 11am.

Non-urgent referrals can be sent by post.

If you feel your patient has any vulnerabilities that require a more urgent response please identify them in your referral:

Hope House, Gloucester Royal Hospital, GL1 3NN
Or fax: 0300 421 6822 (safe haven)

If you have an asymptomatic patient who requires sexual health testing, these tests can be done by most clinicians. If this is not possible the patient can request a test from our website.


We no longer provide routine repeat contraception to patients over 25 years unless there are additional vulnerabilities identified. This includes pills, injectable, implants and coils.

If patients are requesting coil or implant fits and you are unable to provide this service, consider referral to your neighbouring GP practices.

If you require just advice on patient care we have limited resources to answer all enquiries. Please refer to the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare guidelines here and their Clinical Effectiveness Unit prior to writing as most issues can be answered from there.

We run complex contraception clinics for patients with:

  • Medical comorbidities
  • Failed or difficult IUCD fits
  • Non visible threads that require removal – please ensure they have had a hospital ultrasound scan within the 6 months prior to the appointment to check coil position
  • Deep implant removals – please document on the referral whether the implant is partially or completely impalpable

Please send a written referral detailing the problem so we can ensure they are booked with the appropriate clinician.
Hope House, Gloucester Royal Hospital, GL1 3NN
CCC IUD form


For patients who are HIV positive who wish to transfer to our service please send a referral with any background information you have available to you. Alternatively they can self-refer. We will ask the patient to sign a consent form asking their previous clinic to send their medical details when they attend our clinic.

[Add link to transfer request letter and patient consent to sharing form]

For new diagnoses or urgent advice please contact our team secretary on 0300 421 6542.

For emergency HIV advice, healthcare professionals can contact the on-call consultant via switchboard 0300 422 2222 or email:
Transfer Request Letter 2017     Patient Consent Letter

Psychosexual medicine or counselling

Hope House, Gloucester Royal Hospital, GL1 3NN
Or fax: 0300 421 6822 (safe haven)
Counselling Referral Form

Pregnancy Advisory Service

A clinician referral is appreciated including any past medical, medication and social history. Patients are able to self-refer to this service.

Call: 0300 421 6532
Or email:
PAS Professional Referral Form 2017

Sexual Assault Referral Service

Patients are able to self-refer to this service.

Call 01452 754390 (Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm)
Out of hours please call 0800 090 1234.
In an emergency call 999 or 101.

Job Vacancies

All vacancies are advertised through the NHS Jobs website. You can view all vacancies for Gloucestershire Care Services NHS Trust here.

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