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Don’t walk in – phone in!

Triage Hotline

0300 421 6500

Pregnancy Advisory Service

0300 421 6532

Face to face

We do not accept walk-ins, so please call the triage number on 0300 421 6500 to speak to a nurse, who will assess your needs and book an appointment if required.

Telephone consultations

Where appropriate we can provide telephone consultations. Depending on your needs you may be prescribed medication to collect, invited to attend clinic in person to see a doctor or nurse, or have a video consultation .

Video consultations

If clinically indicated and appropriate, you can attend your consultation online via a video call. We use a secure web-based platform called ‘Attend Anywhere’.

We will send you the link to the online waiting room. We will be notified when you arrive, so the doctor or nurse can join you when ready. There is no need to create an account and no information you enter is stored.

You have your own private video room that only authorised doctors and nurses can enter. You will need a good internet connection and a private, well-lit area where you will not be disturbed during the consultation.

Please note, video consultations may require an intimate examination. This is not suitable for under 18s. If you are aged under 18 you will be asked to attend a clinic if this is required.

Digital images

If you have a remote consultation (telephone or video) the doctor or nurse may ask if you feel comfortable sending a photograph to help them in their diagnosis. They will only do so when they believe it necessary.

You do not have to send a photograph if you do not feel comfortable – this is entirely your choice! If you do not feel comfortable sending a photo you can still access care and may be invited in to clinic for an examination instead.

Images are sent to a secure NHS email account which can only be accessed by doctors and nurses working in sexual health. You should not send any image without prior communication with the doctor or nurse.

Your image will be uploaded to your electronic Sexual Health patient health and care record, then deleted from the email account and rubbish bin.

If you have any questions about digital images, the doctor or nurse can explain more about this.

Under 18s

Please note, it is not suitable for people under 18 to send digital images. Patients under 18 will instead be asked to attend a clinic if an examination is required.

If the doctor or nurse thinks a photograph would be helpful, they will talk to you about this and email you with more information about your options, including a step-by-step guide. It is important to read this information and discuss any questions or concerns with the doctor or nurse prior to sending an image.

Our clinics

How to find us

Our main clinics are based in Gloucester and Cheltenham but we do have a number of other clinics throughout the county providing sexual health and contraception clinics.

Please note that the Pregnancy Advisory Service is based in Gloucester only.


Hope House
Gloucestershire Royal Hospital

Clinic opening hours:

  • Monday 8am-5pm
  • Tuesday 8am-8pm
  • Wednesday 8am-5pm
  • Thursday 8am-5pm
  • Friday 8am-5pm

Hartpury University and Hartpury College

Hartpury House
GL19 3BE

*For students only*

To book an appointment call 0300 421 6500


The Milsom Centre
8 Milsom Street
GL50 4BA

Clinic opening hours:

  • Monday 8am-8pm
  • Wednesday 8am-8pm
  • Friday 8am-1pm

Forest of Dean Community Hospital

Steam Mills Road
GL14 3HY

Clinic opening hours (from 7 June 2024):

  • Friday: 1.30pm-7.30pm

To book an appointment call 0300 421 6500


Stroud General Hospital
(Bowbridge Outpatients Department)
Trinity Road

Clinic opening hours:

  • Thursday 1.30pm-7pm


Cirencester Hospital
Querns Outpatient Department
Tetbury Road

We are now running morning clinics for patients with a pre-booked appointment.

Clinic opening hours:

  • Tuesday 8.30am-1pm

Royal Agricultural University

Royal Agricultural University
Stroud Road

*For students only*

To book an appointment call 0300 421 6500


Tewkesbury Community Hospital
Barton Road
GL20 5GJ

Clinic opening hours:

  • Thursday 5.30pm-8pm


There is no charge for the treatment of STIs or contraception from a sexual health clinic. Most treatments are supplied directly from the clinic at your appointment.

If a prescription needs to be written, this will be given to you at the appointment, and will be dispensed by the Trust’s pharmacy, Fairview Health.

Fairview Health Pharmacy

Fairview Health Pharmacy
Unit 10, Rockhaven
Triangle Park
Metz Way

Tel: 03300 884 388

Opening hours for patient access

• Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm
• Saturday, 9am to 12 noon

Prescriptions can be delivered back to the clinic for collection by arrangement – please discuss at the appointment or contact the pharmacy.