Being Tested

On-line Home Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) Testing

Home testing is now available for chlamydia, gonorrhoea, HIV and Syphilis. Often people are unaware they have an STI so it is important if you change your sexual partner you have a check for infections. Testing for STIs online is straightforward and confidential and you don’t have to come to a clinic.

Who should test online?  

•  if you are over 16
•  people without symptoms
•  anyone who has had a new sexual partner since their last sexual health screen

When to test:

If you have an STI it can take some time for your body to show signs for our tests to find it, so please consider the information below before taking a test. If it is done too early it will not be accurate. It is better to wait to take the test if you don’t have symptoms.

•  It can take two weeks after sex, for Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea to show up on a test
•  An HIV test is highly accurate 4 weeks after sex and 100% accurate 8 weeks after sex
•  Syphilis can take up to at least 8 weeks to show infection after sex

If you are worried about a risk of HIV in the last 72 hours please ring us on 0300 421 6500 as you may need treatment to prevent infection – (see PEPSE page).

When not to test:  

If you have had syphilis in the past you should not use the online blood test as we need to do extra tests in the clinic to confirm that you do not have a new syphilis infection.

If you have HIV and would like just a syphilis test do not use the online test as it will automatically test for HIV. Please come into our clinic for a test.

If you choose to have a test for HIV and Syphilis you will need to be able to collect a small blood sample from yourself. Please only send in completed blood tests as under filled blood samples cannot be processed and may delay you receiving your other results.

Home testing is only available for people who live in Gloucestershire.

How to test:

You will be asked some questions so that we know what kit to send you. It is important that the test gets to us quickly after you have done it. Ideally take the test on a Monday and send it in on the same day. If you can’t do it on a Monday please send it in as soon as you have done it.

Order your test kit here.

If you have symptoms:

Please be aware that not all infections that cause symptoms are covered by the kits. If you have any symptoms it is really important that you see a health professional as some conditions can cause long term problems if left untreated.

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