Some samples are looked at under our microscope and a result given on the day.

Treatment is FREE and if not available in the clinic you will be given a prescription to collect the medication from Fairview Health Pharmacy in Gloucester.

You will receive your test results from the samples sent to the hospital laboratory, by your chosen method.

  • Text.
  • Phone call. The clinic number is a private number so no one can see it on your phone and we cannot leave a message on a voice mail that does not name who you are.
  • Letter.
  • Email. You will receive an email asking permission to send you your results first.
  • A follow up appointment with a Sexual Health Adviser.

You will be informed of your results as soon as we know them. This may take up to two to three weeks but most people receive their results within 10-15 working days. The most popular method is by text.

We have found an infection! What happens next- treatment and partners.

As worrying and as upsetting as this can feel nearly all STI’s can be treated and cured. You may be called back to see a Sexual Health Adviser or a clinician for discussion of treatment options.

For some infections you will just need to come back for treatment, for others, you may need to come back to check the infection has been treated, this is called a “Test of cure”.

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