Being Tested

Hope House Sexual Health Services is now offering home tests ordered on-line

If you have ever had sex there is a chance you may have picked up an infection. Often people are unaware they have an STI so it is really important if you are sexually active to have regular checks for infections, especially if you have a new partner. Testing for STIs is straightforward and confidential and you no longer have to come to the clinic.

On-line home tests: Who does it best suit?
These are ideal if you are over 16 and do not have any signs of an infection and want peace of mind.
• No need to come to clinic
• Discrete and confidential

Limits on home tests:
Home testing is only available for people who live in Gloucestershire.
If you choose a home test kit and you do have symptoms of an infection please be aware not all infections that can cause symptoms are covered by the kits and if you have an infection you may require different treatment.

If you have Symptoms
If you have any symptoms it is really important you see a health professional as some conditions can cause long term problems if left untreated. If you are attending because you have symptoms, or you are attending because one of your sexual contacts has been diagnosed with an STI, a nurse or doctor may need to examine you and then the appropriate tests will be performed.

If you request a home test on-line when you have symptoms please be aware that you may have an infection that is not tested by the kit.

If no infections are detected you will be informed by your chosen method.
If any infections are detected you will initially be advised by the testing laboratory and then the clinic will follow this up to arrange treatment.
Order your test kit here.